Flow Pavillion

Part of the Fluid Culture Exhibition at Buffalo’s Erie Canal Central Wharf Park, Fall 2011 the project examines fiberglass composite fabrication methods, and the simultaneously fluid and structural characteristics of this unique material and the unconventional manufacturing method used for the pavilion.

Development and Construction Assistance: Allison Adderly and Albert Chao

Collaborator: David Hill

Thanks for their support to the Fluid Cultures Coordinators Justin Read and Colleen Culleton. http://www.humanitiesinstitute.buffalo.edu/initiatives/fluid_culture_series.shtml

Thanks for generously lending their time and sacrifice of their fingers to our wonderful friends, family and students and faculty Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning: Nellie Niespodzinski, Josh Gardner, Joey Swerdlin, Kathryn Hobert, Vincent Ribeiro, Alec Wise, Aaron Salva, Nathaniel Heckman, Linnea Spampinato, Aaron Tarnowski, Chelsea Davis, John Brennan, Will Sedig, Alex Neubauer, Kathy Yuen, Sandra Huezo, Ken McKay, Jordan Geiger, Miriam Paeslack, Omar Khan. A special thanks to HighTemp Inc. for the use of their facilities.